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Multiple industries with a singular focus on performance.

Precisional is a global platform focused on precision measurement and data solutions driving efficiencies in the most demanding infrastructure end markets. Our businesses have a long heritage of innovation, and each is a leader in the markets it serves. Our goal is to accelerate the pace of innovation and growth with the focus of resources and investment on these core businesses supported by The Jordan Company.


The Spectra Precision tools business designs and manufactures high-quality leveling, positioning and alignment instruments used for general, exterior, and underground construction. The instruments incorporate laser and optical technology for general contractors and specialty contractors serving large and small commercial job sites as well as residential builders and remodelers. Learn more


The SECO business designs and manufactures a wide variety of accessory products used in conjunction with surveying and construction instruments. The portfolio of accessory products includes tripods, telescopic poles, prisms, carrying cases, GPS antenna poles, safety vests and leveling rods. Learn more

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The LOADRITE business offers accurate scales for loaders, excavators, conveyor belts, tractors, refuse trucks and forklifts that connect with payload-reporting and monitoring systems for the waste, quarry and aggregates industry. The products improve user efficiency by weighing products while they are on a vehicle or belt, eliminating the need for a separate trip to a fixed scale location. Learn more


The Protempis business products use the accuracy of GNSS clocks to provide precise time, synchronization and frequency reference signals for many industries and applications. Communication systems, data centers, financial networks, utilities, factory automation, security and other infrastructure rely on precise timing for synchronization and operational efficiency. Learn more

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