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Weight measurement in 7 industries.

The Loadrite business offers accurate scales for loaders, excavators, conveyor belts, tractors, refuse trucks and forklifts that connect with payload-reporting and monitoring systems for the waste, quarry and aggregates industry. The products improve user efficiency by weighing products while they are on a vehicle or belt, eliminating the need for a separate trip to a fixed scale location.

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We translate large loads into stronger profits.

We’ve been a world leader in providing productivity solutions and wheel loader scales for over 30 years. We've expanded our product range so you can monitor your operation’s production and efficiency from the pit until the truck is loaded to go out the gate.

Bigger profits through bigger efficiencies.

We're leading the next generation of connectivity through Insight HQ.

InsightHQ draws data from Loadrite loader, excavator, haul truck and conveyor belt scale sensors into centralized cloud storage. Only InsightHQ offers a built-in Scheduler to provide the "what, where and when" of your unique workflow, no matter what industry served.

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